Zuckerberg is adored by many, despised by a few yet few will prevent the power from securing his statement. It is irresistible!

On Saturday, Dr Mensa Otabil Founder of the International Central Gospel Church insipred and incited a mass of youthful business people with yet another mark execution, a fate changing motivational message that will wait in the brains of numerous, for a long time to come. He was to give a keynote address at Albert Ocran’s springboard meeting program, however he did significantly more than that. In spite of the fact that Otabil made reference to Ghana however the story is significantly more pertinent to Nigeria than Ghana. He planted, watered and sustained a seed of holy outrage in the armed force of business people, trusting that outrage will in the long run grow into organic products that will switch the backwardly choking out-dated frameworks, laws and approaches in Ghana; frameworks that served just to baffle and murder however many dreams and organizations as would be prudent.

He utilized the anecdote of onions and travolator (a moving walkway for transporting people on foot, as in a shopping area or an air terminal) to recount the colossal yet irritating story of why Mark Zuckerberg, a 31 year old web programmer/ developer, is wealthier than him (Otabil), his better half; wealthier than president Mahama and the MPs and wealthier than all Ghanaians consolidated.

Otabil feels furious and offended by the improvement in light of the fact that Zuckerberg, he figured, isn’t any more smart than the a large number of PC software engineers in Ghana yet the American has a superior situation; a nation of chances.

“What is the distinction amongst Zuckerberg and you; Steve Jobs and you, Bill Gate and you, Larry Page and you, Sergey Brin or Matt Mullenweg and you? Otabil asked logically. “It isn’t brains, it is nature,” he addressed dismally.

Where is our travolator and non-sulfur onion?

The evangelist man recounted an account of how he went out of the nation and with the guide of a travolator he beat a young fellow to a mobile challenge. The man chose to speedwalk however utilized a travolator sooner or later. Despite the fact that the man obeyed and-toed with deftness he couldn’t beat Otabil in light of the fact that the travolator pushed him speedier to his goal.

He recounted another story, he read in a book, of a US organization looking to develop onions that won’t sting the eyes. For a man who had shed onion-stinging-tears in the past from his kitchen in Accra, he will absolutely consider how an American organization will develop new types of onions without its infamous trademark. In any case, the ‘futile’ book he was perusing in the plane all of a sudden ended up noticeably valuable, uncovering, that the new types of onions will be planted in a “non-sulfuric ground.”

He learnt another thing. Onions sting eyes since they are constantly developed and supported in a dirt brimming with sulfur yet the US organization is accompanying another offer. “The motivation behind why the onions won’t sting individuals’ eyes is on the grounds that it would have been developed in sulfur free soil.”

“It isn’t the idea of onions to sting eyes. It is the earth it is supported in that influences it to sting eyes.

“It struck me that a man can be so great yet in the event that he is planted in a wrong domain, he will turn up so terrible,” Otabil said.

He considered how much sulfur was in the Ghanaian condition that made many dreams, business separate in tears.

“What have we put in the earth, in the dirt that is murdering the fantasy of young fellows and young ladies. By what method can individuals go to college and for quite a long time and not know what to do? By what means can individuals with potential not satisfy their potential?

“On the off chance that you take a basic region like football, the best Ghanaian players now were all onions that were planted in an alternate soil. They needed to go outside Ghana for their gifts to wind up noticeably world class. Do you think if Michael Essien had kept playing in the Ghana association we will call his name? No! It is safe to say that he is gifted? Truly.

Regardless of how huge the fantasy is, Otabil says if the earth is without a travolator or a sulfur free soil, you will accomplish something at the end of the day you will end up being the town champion among worldwide players.

“The test for countries like Ghana isn’t the test of gifted subjects. It is the test of harmful condition. A situation that has been harmed by commonness, by unremarkableness and now and then by an unmistakable motivation to crush abilities.

“Furthermore, in what capacity can a country be extraordinary when its frameworks are battling the ability of its kin? he inquired.

It regards dream since dream is free yet battle to show signs of improvement condition for the fantasy to flourish, he tested the young fellows and ladies.

“We need to drive the legislators to begin considering us; of our lives; our future and dreams. Also, the best way to do that is for you to begin thinking not in party terms but rather in approach terms,”

“Since if that doesn’t occur visionaries will bite the dust with their fantasies not understood,” he included.

What is your fantasy; battle for a superior travolator and a sulfuric free soil, to influence your fantasy to happen.