The Fulani Nationality Development, (FUNAM) after broad considerations on the condition of the country with regards to the current killings and national commotion, met today in Kano, the capital of Kano State. In addition to other things, the FUNAM pondered on assaults on cattles by rustlers, seize of Fulani men and ladies in a few sections of Nigeria, uprooting of Fulani customary settlements in Northern Nigeria and a few sections of Southern Nigeria, taking of properties having a place with Fulani cattler proprietors among different issues. The gathering likewise thought on the political circumstance in Nigeria occasioned by the untrustworthy calls for rebuilding of Nigeria, the memorable and awful assaults on Fulani individuals by Southern nationalities and their accomplices in the center belt, the plot to guarantee Fulani are pushed to the backbench in the power condition in Nigeria or more all, the awful crusade against the God appointed place of Fulani as the main star manage in Nigeria, and after broad considerations, we therefore make the accompanying statements:

a) That the killings in Benue of Tiv is merited. It was a retribution assault on the arrangement of attack on the Fulani which was most shocking on November 17 2017 when 30 Fulani men and ladies were murdered in Nasarawa State. We see the headstrong culture of the Tiv individuals as exhibited notwithstanding amid the 1804 Jihad when they discouraged our appointed success of Nigeria.


Fulani Attack
Some of the corpses of the 73 people killed during the Fulani herdsmen attack on Guma and Logo LGA, during their funeral service at IBB Square in Markurdi


b) We denounce the media promulgation being pursued against the Fulani and upheld by Yoruba, Igbo and their bias partners in the Center Belt.

c) That we know about plots by the minority ethnic gatherings in the Center Belt to assault Fulani settlements.

d) That we have asked all Fulani crosswise over West Africa to fund-raise and arms to indict the approaching war. We approach all Fulanis to get ready for this Blessed War. There is no backpedaling. Everywhere throughout the world, Nigeria is the main nation given to Fulani by God.

e) We restrict the counter brushing laws which block the capacity of Fulani to move unreservedly and stay anyplace in Nigeria. The Fulani, notwithstanding the English would have really vanquished the whole Nigeria which God has appointed as our domain.

f) That the Cows State is the main answer for the emergency. Regardless of whether the National Government or State Governments acknowledge or not, we have asked all Fulani herdmen all finished West Africa to move to Nigeria and enter each corner for the up and coming Jihad. We have requested that they be equipped since it appears it is the main dialect Nigeria gets it. The Nigerian Government has neglected to ensure us.

g) We caution the individuals who restrict the Fulani dairy cattle exchange to be careful of the results. We are prepared for the more regrettable. We are set up for war. There is promise for peace if and just if assaults on Fulani herders stop and the Fulani is permitted to settle anyplace that the Fulani settled in Nigeria. We are Nigerians and are allowed to settle anyplace we want with our way of life, our families, our business and our esteems to the transcendence of Omnipotent Allah. Any attempt(s) to turn around these requests will be met with Blessed Uprising at no other time found in the Historical backdrop of Nigeria and in the scale contrasted just and the 1804 Jihad.

A word is sufficient for the shrewd. The Fulani is equipped for protecting itself.


Badu Salisu Ahmadu National President Umar Amir Shehu