And the Lord appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of: Genesis 26:2

Read: Genesis 39:1-6Add a Tooltip Text God is not limited on when or how to prosper His own. His blessing does not depend on the prevailing circumstances of the times. He can prosper you when there is economic boom in your country or when there is a downturn. He can prosper you when people are in your favor or are in opposition to you. Nobody can stop God from prospering His beloved. The story of Joseph teaches us some fundamental truths about God and prosperity. The first is that your location affects your resource allocation. If you want to be prospered, then you must find out whether you are where Gd wants you to be. “Location” here connotes our geographical location, spiritual placement, business or career path. When Joseph went to Egypt, the Bible says he went “down”. In this case, it was not his choice to go to Egypt. He was taken there against his will after being sold as a slave by his brothers. God warned Isaac not to go down to Egypt (Genesis 26:1-17). If he had defied that order, Isaac would have missed his prosperity. Today, many people have lost what God reserved for them by going to the wrong location. If God has reserved your breakthrough in Nigeria but out of frustration you go abroad for greener pastures, you will surely miss it. Are you in your right location? If the location is not right, the blessing will not come. Also, if you take a wrong career or business path other than the one God has connected with your blessing, you will lose the blessing. That does not mean that you will not get anything from the path you have chosen; you will, but what is chaff compared to wheat? What is the tip of an ice berg compared to the ice berg itself? This is why you must seek to know the right location you should be to access the best God has reserved for you. Be aware also that, if you are still located in sin, you will miss God’s best for your life, therefore repent and give your life to Christ today!

Action Point:

Thank God throughout today for being able to enter into this year. If you want a world of change, receive the Word.

Photo Credit: Laura Etheridge