Month: February 2018

What Will Kill a Man is Already Before Him

On a recent visit, a former colleague and longtime friend, Assumpta Udoh, told me something I found very profound because of its clarity: “Franco, by the time you are 50, the health problem that will kill you will be before you. How long you live thereafter depends on how you manage it.” Assumpta is very correct. Her grandmother was diabetic, but died at age 98. Her 101-year-old father is asthmatic, but still going strong. He played exhibition tennis at 100 in Ikoyi Club, Lagos, last year. Of course, her statement is based on all things being equal. If you...

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I Regretted My Last Relationship !! Part 4

“What is the essence of my escape from Fred’s prison” this was my deep thought as I await the Lord’s deliverance. I have cheaply lost my virginity to a stranger and a criminal. Not even Fred! Fred did not even choose to touch me that night. I began to imagine how cheap I sold my life. It was as if I should be given another chance, God should just allow me to be a virgin once more. Oh! I lost it! I thought on my wedding night, my just wedded husband will carry me and place me lovingly on...

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I Regretted My Last Relationship!! Part 3

Despite I felt a lot of pains, this experience was really a revelation of who God is to me. When the room didn’t lead me out of the house, I thought the only thing left for me was death. But I was wrong, the room led to my deliverance. Most of the time, we always think God will save us through a rout, but his ways are different. As I was crying and trying to move out of this room to face my fate. I felt a hand pulled me back, I was half dead, I thought probably, someone...

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I Regretted My Last Relationship!! Part 2

Seeing his wife to be, as the goat being raped, I even thought it will be painful to him. But his reactions was very different to the Fred I used to know. He shouted “you! how did you get here? Now that you know who I am, you have to die” I started shouting Fred please! Fred please! moving close to him on my kneels, then the other guy pushed me back, slapped me again and again, saying who is Fred? I think the goat is a mad one, laughing crazily. He couldn’t get what was happening between us....

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I Regretted My Last Relationship!! Part 1

I never knew he was not a believer. We prayed together, we church together, we even fasted together. He was everything to me. When I needed money he gave me. I took him to my mum, to my greatest surprise mum loved him. Mum has never liked any of my male friends. She must have excuse for not liking them. One was too short for me, despite he was a good Christian. What an excuse. True! I am a short beautiful girl. But I loved Dave! Dave was too short for mum. A little shorter than me though. But...

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